Earth Eats

  • The "Elvis"

    It's a snack fit for The King! Peanut butter, banana, and chocolate chips, rolled up in a wrap and lightly toasted.

  • Pretty Pita Pizzas

    Here's a snack that could be a meal! DIY pizzas are super fun, especially when experimenting with creative and fun toppings!

  • Pineapple Freezies

    Here's a tasty treat that's fun to make before bed. Then, after a hot day of play, you can cool down with this healthy snack!

  • Hummus Scooptasticus

    This Hummus is so good it deserves a fancy name - it's Scooptasticus! You'll discover a fun new ingredient, chick peas, as a part of this recipe.

  • Quick n Hot Oatmeal

    Looking for a hot breakfast or easy after-school snack you can top with berries, honey, or other sweets.

  • Sunshine Shake

    We love making cool drinks in the Earth Eats kitchen! Here's a yummy shake with an orange juice base.

  • The Purple Cow

    Ever see a purple cow? Of course not! But we've got a recipe called The Purple Cow that you can mix up at home. It's a tasty drink that's made with milk, frozen yogurt, and grape juice!

  • ABC Slush

    It's the Apple Banana Chiller - an awesome drink for a hot day that tastes as good as it's good for you.

  • Berry Good Dip

    Here's an easy-to-make sweet dip that you can enjoy with pretzels, veggie chips, or even carrots.

  • Super Pudding

    Supe-up your pudding and make it into a yummy smoothie! Just add milk, a mango, and strawberries. Just like Superman drinks!

  • A Pear-fect Treat

    Got pears? Make a layered parfait using pears, yogurt and granola! A pear-fect treat!

  • P B & B Honey Wrap

    A snack any monkey would love! Peanut butter, mashed banana, and honey - super simple!

  • Los Broccolis Incognitos

    Classy cheddar quesadillas get a fancy name!

  • Cinnamon Apple Crisps

    Here's a recipe that's warm and toasty! A great fall-themed snack.

  • Feather Dip

    Felix plus Heather equals "Feather!" Watch as our dynamic kitchen duo works together to make "Feather Dip" - a healthy, super simple salsa.

  • Quick and Easy Chocolate Pudding

    Sugar, cocoa powder, corn starch, milk! Stir it all together, heat it and whaddya got? Mmmmm, chocolate pudding!

  • Banana Berry Smoothie

    Felix and Heather make an awesome smoothie that tastes great and is easy to make! A yummy treat in the morning, or as an after school snack!

  • Cinnamon Raisin Roll-ups

    Do you like raisins, carrots and cream cheese? Mix these with sweet honey and cinnamon and roll it all up in a tortilla for a finished cinnamon raisin roll-up!