• There's a Fly in My Soup

    Learn about the science of Entomology with a song on The Friday Zone Playlist. Matt gets up-close with a Snake at the IU Science Fest. Meet Bob the Whale Shark in a story by a local winner of the PBS KIDS Writers Contest.

  • Master Builders

    Get your brick on with a library LEGO club! Get inspired to try building an amazing creation of your own. A Friday Zone Investigation takes kids on a behind-the-scenes ride on a new roller coaster.

  • Motion and Magic

    Get a move on! Can you tie your head in a knot? Break boards using Taekwondo in The Fitness Zone. A visit to the Indiana University Science Fest to see how magnets create motion and more.

  • Into the Void

    A young author shares his latest work. An introduction to the sport of Judo in The Fitness Zone. Celebrate Indiana’s Tri-Centennial with a futuristic episode of Footsteps to Flight.

  • Animals All Around

    Meet some amazing animals! The Pop-Ups host an Animal Birthday Party on The Friday Zone Playlist. Travel to a shrimp farm to learn about aquaculture with a group of Girl Scouts.

  • Tech Time

    Learn about conductive thread as we create an electronic bookmark craft. Suit up and check out the sport of fencing in The Fitness Zone. Major Taylor cycles through Footsteps to Flight.

  • Amazing Eggs

    The kidscommons Children’s Museum of Columbus, Indiana showcases the amazing strength of eggs with a series of egg-speriments! Matt gets spun up in a lesson about angular momentum at the IU Science Fest. Lil BUB’s Spacepod visits the ocean.

  • Earth Day Today

    Elisa Pokral from Monroe County’s solid waste management district shares a lesson in conservation and community. Learn how you can make a difference in caring for our Earth. A lesson in recycling from a winner of the PBS KIDS Writer’s Contest.

  • Zap!

    Get charged up for an electrifying episode! Kids learn how to “be a battery” at the Indiana University Science Open House. Participate in a robot dance party on The Friday Zone Playlist. Learn how conductive tape can help in creating a DIY electronic greeting card.

  • Food for Thought

    A Chef visits to share cooking expertise and show off their culinary talents. Justin Roberts opens a lemonade stand on The Friday Zone Playlist. Kids cook up a batch of brownies at a special “Little Chefs” event in Columbus.

  • Get With the Program

    See kids build and operate a robotic arm at the Indiana Science Olympiad. A tour of the Big Red II supercomputer at Indiana University. A guest teaches the basics of computer programming. Lil BUB ponders her chances in a gladiator arena.

  • Do the Right Thing

    A Girl Scout Troup from Columbus shares a recent service project. Learn to make a fuzzy and soft fleece blanket. The Not-Its go to Washington, D.C. on The Friday Zone Playlist. Take a tour of a food pantry.

  • Smart Stuff

    A guest from the Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing shows a group of Girl Scouts how to use conductive thread to sew light-up bookmarks. Learn an astounding number-guessing stunt. Kids get electricity from a lemon.

  • Hit the Trail

    Learn a simple craft idea you can take along on your next nature walk. Kids learn a lesson in being a good steward of the Earth and its colors (and the invisible, like light and some pollution) from Elisa of the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District, gogreendistrict.com, in Bloomington.

  • Fuzzy, Feathered Friends

    A simple craft that’s a lot of fun: paper bag puppets! See what we come up with and then create your own. A trip to the zoo. The Okee Dokee Bros. are on the lookout for the elusive Jackolope on The Friday Zone Playlist.

  • Revved Up

    We visit Dorel Juvenile in Columbus, IN to see how car seats are made. Then, we’ll put them to the test in a real crash simulator! Take a ride on a spinning science experiment. Kids create tasty snacks from food – Fruit Cars!

  • A Note-able Episode

    March to the beat of your own drummer with a visit to the Rhythm Discovery Center in Indianapolis. Kindie rockers The 123s host a dance party.

  • Treat Yourself

    A local pizza restaurant stops by to show how they make pizzas quickly for delivery. Kids get a chance to toss dough just like the pros! Learn the secrets to the “Tablecloth Trick” at the IU Science Open House.

  • You Can Do It!

    Meet kids who are getting ready to perform in an opera and hear some amazing singing! Meet the Mary Greene, the first female riverboat captain, on Footsteps to Flight.

  • Takes Flight

    Take flight with us as a hot air balloon is unfurled in the studio! Soar to new heights on a Friday Zone Field Trip. Gus Grissom and rocket ships are the topic on Footsteps to Flight.

  • Makin' a Mess

    The WonderLab Museum helps kids do a messy experiment. Visit the IU Science Open House to make “goop.” The continuing adventures of Martin and the Alien Mice.

  • Pioneer Days

    A special episode from the Jackson County History Center. Kids explore a cemetery, learn about fence-building, play pioneer games, and try playing the hammer dulcimer.

  • Play On!

    Get into The Fitness Zone and try out a new sport! A group of kids invent their own board games. See which ones might inspire you!

  • Get Out!

    Meet a “Sweaty Yeti” on The Friday Zone Playlist. A talking portrait of Abraham Lincoln is the special guest on Footsteps to Flight. Join a hunt for amphibians in Brown County.

  • On the Breeze

    Take to the wind with The Wrong Brothers to learn about the history of flight in Indiana. The Terre Haute Children’s Museum helps kids make DIY “vortex cannons.”

  • A Chiller

    Nothing’s cooler than this episode of The Friday Zone! Hit the rink to play hockey in The Fitness Zone. Meet a magical penguin. Learn the story of President Benjamin Harrison on Footsteps to Flight.

  • Games and Good Times

    Motivational speaker and family comedian Brad Tassell is back to share some fun with kids. Take a spin on a crazy carousel at the IU Science Open House. Small Talk takes a close look at a playing card. Martin and the Alien Mice concludes.

  • The Doers

    Bounce to new heights on a Field Trip to a trampoline park in Evansville. Get tips from a pro that will help you learn to juggle in just a few minutes. An impossible Stuntology stunt involving a skewer and a balloon.

  • Makerfest II

    Head to a glassblowing studio to see how amazing and delicate works of art are made with super-heat and extra care. Meet a Master Builder at the LEGO KidsFest. Felix gets a lesson in the importance of healthy bones.

  • Wishy Washy

    Get “Pretty Crabby” on The Friday Zone Playlist. A visit to Fair Oaks Farm. A kiddie surf band teaches a lesson in shark conservation. The Bearded Chef mixes up some fresh guacamole. Small Talk takes an up-close look at teeth.