This week’s episode: November 16, 2018

This episode of The Friday Zone had me on pins and needles!  The Wonderlab folks were back, but this time they were teaching a lesson in air pressure.  Of course, when I think of air pressure, I think explosions!  Our new pal Zach brought a bell jar and a funky vacuum device with him to show some neat demonstrations.  The idea was that if you put things inside the bell jar and then either sucked out air or pumped air in, that would make changes to the substance inside.  So, balloons, shaving cream, etc. are put in and we ran the experiments a couple times to the great amusement of everyone!  But I was so nervous about it, because I know science can sometimes be dangerous and because air pressure is mostly invisible, it can be sometimes underestimated how much power is really in play.  Of course, our experts know what their doing, so everyone was totally safe the whole time.  And isn’t the suspense a part of the fun?