Visiting the Saint Louis Zoo

The Saint Louis Zoo, which was recently voted Best Zoo and America’s Top Free Attraction, features a variety of animals, including gorillas, a polar bear, penguins, giraffes, tigers, etc. The zoo is separated into different sections, and each section has its own theme. This makes for a unique experience at each one. Although the building was quite cold, watching the penguins swim around was fun. Sometimes they would get right along the edge of the wall and splash the water out at those of us who were walking by. They were so close that we could have touched them, but we weren’t allowed to.


One of the things I found to be really cool was the insectarium, which features a dome filled with butterflies. You are able to walk through the dome while the butterflies fly right over your head, or possibly land on your shoulder. The butterflies were so colorful and beautiful! The Saint Louis Zoo is a must-see! You may get to see animals you’ve never gotten the chance to see before, but be sure to wear comfortable shoes because you’ll definitely do lots of walking!