Behind the Scenes: The Stairs

The stairs that I will eventually fall down. I hope it’s not anytime soon, but I just know that it’s coming. I call them the “stairs of death” but not out loud, just in my head. I think they’re super neat stairs, I just don’t enjoy walking down them. The spin makes me dizzy and the color of them bums me out. Maybe one day they’ll let me paint them a fun color like yellow or pink, maybe that’d make them nicer to walk on.

Not only are the stairs scary, but I always forget which door it is that opens up to them. Maybe I just have bad memory, which is very likely, but I always have to open at least two wrong doors before I get to the right one. I think I’m going to make my own signs saying what each door leads to because sometimes there are people in the rooms I open so I have to start a casual conversation with them acting like I meant to walk into that room when really, I was just trying to get back downstairs.