A New Segment Series

“Hello everyone! This week has been super busy for me, from planning out this semester’s projects and deadlines, to creating a one-sheet for my program idea. For those of you who don’t know what a one-sheet is, (which was me a week ago,) a one sheet is a summary of the concept of your program, with a title and graphic that sums it up.

Last week, I said i’d reveal the show this week, and I said the hints were science, mystery, and lots of fun disguises. Well here it is. Introducing:

“Sammy Sly, Private Eye”!

YAY!!! Sammy is our detective, our Pinkerton, our gumshoe. He solves crimes with help from his lab partner, Bea Curious. Sammy and Bea use forensic science, science that is used to solve crimes, to catch the evil master of disguise, Professor Thorne. Sammy and Bea will use lots of real world tests, which you will be able to follow along and do at home!

Get ready for this crime-fighting duo to teach you the crazy science of crime!”