Toy Review: Stomp Rocket Ultra LED

We recently got a great toy in the mail: the original kid-powered Stomp Rocket! With a desire to maximize the night-time fun that a light-up rocket had to promise, we saved this for a Spring Break camping trip at the beach…
The best toys are ones that require assembly that’s on a level for the kids who the toy is intended (6 and up according to the box). I was able to turn over two Stomp Rocket boxes over to my 7 and 9 year olds and they had no problem splitting off and building the simple launch pads and connecting the hoses. Within a couple minutes they were ready to stomp!  IMG_2034 IMG_2046
The rockets fly great and are easy to load. Wisely, four rockets are included in each box. I assumed this must be because they would be easily damaged and you would need spares. This isn’t the case at all – the rockets are surprisingly tough and took dozens of launches with no effects whatsoever. Having four rockets is really great for a more obvious reason: quicker reload time. The kids were able to stomp and load four times without having to chase down the rockets between each launch. Also, having four allows for games to be quickly invented; shoot four and see if you can hit the same target, how many you can catch, etc.
The LEDs worked great, too, and were quite bright. This made for extra fun since we waited until dark to play. The rockets looked like laser beams streaking through the air. We’ll keep these with our camping gear – they’ll be a great treat for trips on nights we don’t have a campfire. IMG_2059
The rockets flew a satisfying height, maybe 50 feet or so, which was just right for the way the kids were playing. I’m not sure how anyone could get them to go 200 feet as claimed on the box and really, 200 feet is too high anyway. One reason I waited until we went to the beach to try these out was because I envisioned rockets launching from our small yard into the street, onto our rooftop, or into the neighbor’s pool. That’s simply not a concern however, and in fact it makes this toy even more appealing because the play can easily stay contained in a small suburban yard.
Of course, we’re always interested in smart toys, and there’s a curriculum guide available on the website – so if you’re interested in going above and beyond play or integrate play into the classroom, that’d be a worthwhile addition. While on the website, check out the rest of the Stomp Rocket line-up. There’s other unique twists on the toy available: a dueling two-launcher set, a “super-high performance” version (which is for ages 9 and up as it exchanges the safety of the big foam top for improved aerodynamics), and a junior glow-in-the dark edition. Plus hand-held rockets and rocket balloons, too.
Pun intended, Stomp Rockets are a BLAST! A simple idea and a great choice for any family. I judge a toy by how long it keeps my kids occupied in an activity without getting into an argument or complaining they are bored.  Stomp Rockets lasted well over an hour that first night we got them out, and they came back to them immediately the following morning and throughout the rest of the camping trip, too.  Since it’s a toy with no real instructions beyond assembly, they kept coming up with new and innovative ways to play.  Definitely a great investment if you’re looking for a simple, all-ages outdoors activity that your kids will come back to again and again.  Great fun.
Stomp Rockets are available online and at most major retailers for under $20.