This week's episode: February 24, 2017

This week’s show is titled “Revved up!”  So of course, the episode is mostly about machines and vehicles.  We had lots of segments to include that we already have aired before, so we pulled our favorites off the shelf – The Rotor experiment from the IU Science Fest, our visit to Dorel Juvenile to see how car seats are made and to witness a crash test, and others.  Our big in-studio fun was a craft that got a little messy – fruit cars!
This went about as well as we expected, since we were only able to test out our ideas for a little while earlier in the morning.  We were pretty excited for our fruit cars because we had gone on a bit of a shopping spree to pick up as wide a variety of materials as possible.  Looking online, we had seen a couple different approaches to creating our vehicles – the big difference was using toothpicks for holding everything together vs. keeping the cars all food.  We quickly learned why one might want to go with hardy toothpicks over the alternative building material pretzel sticks: the sog factor!  By the time our studio shoot came along, all the test cars had been sitting out for an hour or so, and the pretzels had absorbed the moisture out of the fruit and basically turned to mush.
So, if you try making fruit cars at home, go with toothpicks (but be extra careful when it comes time to take a bite) – or make them with pretzels and eat them right away.  Either way you make your fruit cars, we’d love to see them!  Send us a photo to zone@indiana.edu or post it on our facebook page, www.facebook.com/fridayzone