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Noon Edition

Valentine's Day Centerpiece

If you are planning a Valentine's Day party, either for a crowd or for one special person, I want to share an idea for a floral centerpiece for your table that is easy yet charming. It is also economical because you only need to buy two red Roses and one bunch of Baby's Breath.

Follow these simple steps to create a perfect Valentine's Day centerpiece for a romantic dinner:

  • Purchase a small to medium sized round glass container, like the ones sold in flower departments in grocery stores, to create an arrangement that looks like a snow-globe. However, any attractive vase or container will do.
  • Cut the flower heads off the Baby's Breath and pack the vase with all of the tiny white flowers.
  • Then pour water to fill the vase to the top and cover the flowers.
  • Next, cut the stem of one of the Roses short, leaving about one and one half inches of stem.
  • Place the flower in the center of the opening at the top of the vase with the stem sitting in the water and the bloom facing upwards at the level of the top of the vase.
  • Then, pull the other red Rose apart and scatter the petals, preferably on a white tablecloth, on the table around the base of the vase.

This arrangement lasts a long time as long as the water level is kept high enough to provide moisture for the stem of the rose sitting in the vase's opening. I think pink roses could also be used but the red ones seem especially appropriate for a Valentine's Day celebration.

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