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Noon Edition

Daffodil Addiction

In March, although the days lengthen, we know only too well about this month's unpredictable weather. But, we also hope for the first early daffodils. This allows flower lovers to forgive all March's other transgressions.

Wordsworth was not alone in his enchantment with hosts of daffodils. No gardener or flower lover here can imagine spring without them. Yet in parts of the globe where winters are not cold enough to chill the bulbs, there are no daffodils growing in spring gardens.

Hooked On Daffodils

I had never seen daffodils growing in a garden until I was in my twenties, but once I did see them, I was hooked. Now I am insatiable and can never plant enough of all of the hundreds of varieties available. I suppose, like all converts, I am especially committed because I discovered my passion later in life.

Some people look at me strangely when I refuse to travel if it means I would miss seeing my daffodils bloom. Other flower addicts, however, understand. Bryant wrote:

With wind, and cloud, and changing skies

I hear the rushing of the blast

That through the snow valley flies.

Ah! Passing few are they who speak

Wild stormy month in praise of thee,

Yet though thy winds are loud and bleak

Thou art a welcome month to me.

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