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Major Taylor: Champion of the Race


WTIU invites you to a screening of our newest local production Major Taylor: Champion of the Race at the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis. Immediately following the screening, join us for a panel discussion featuring Todd Gould, producer, and Kisha Tandy, Curator of Social History, Indiana State Museum.

About this program -

Major Taylor: Champion of the Race retraces the extraordinary life and legacy of an American civil rights pioneer who defied the odds and set over 20 world records in speed cycling during the challenging era of Jim Crowe America. In his early 20s, Major Taylor not only secured the world cycling championship and the American cycling crown, but also shattered numerous world speed cycling records. All of this was accomplished while facing relentless racial pressures.

Event Information

Major Taylor: Champion of the Race Screening

Indiana State Museum Indianapolis, IN

Thursday, February 29 at 6:30 pm

Price: SOLD OUT!

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