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January 7, 2011


Clint Ballard: Game of Love

Here’s a hint: nicer than the “Game of Hate,” but no easier on the complexion…

January 6, 2011


Weber: Freischütz, Huntsman’s Chorus

Here’s hint: he’ll hit the mark, “Weber” or not he aims…

January 5, 2011


Respighi: Roman Festivals

Here’s a hint: it’s all fun and games until somebody gets devoured…

January 4, 2011


Puccini: Turandot

Here’s a hint: “head’s up! Here comes the princess…”

January 3, 2011


Bizet: Children’s Games

Here’s hint: before you have to teach them “le Bees et le Birds”…

May 12, 2009



Can you name this tune? Here's a hint: a march fit for Caesar...

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