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Noon Edition



This week, the Ether Game Brain Trust is tapping our foot and trying to keep time. We're exploring some memorable rhythms and tempos, in a show we're calling "Tactus"!

Did you know...

  • Ludwig van Beethoven was one of the first composers to use a modern metronome, invented by Johann Mälzel, although most of his metronome markings are much faster than we're used to hearing!
  • Leonard Bernstein and Glenn Gould sparred over the tempo of Piano Concerto No. 1 by Johannes Brahms in a famous concerto with the New York Philharmonic on April 6, 1962. Gould wanted to take it slowly, and Bernstein warned the audience before the concert.
  • Leonard Bernstein (again) sped up the coda to the finale of Symphony No. 5 by Dmitri Shostakovich, and Shostakovich liked the change!
  • Missa Prolationum by Johannes Ockeghem is a remarkable work where all the voices sing the same melody, but at different time scales.

See the full playlist below:

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