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Noon Edition

Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 1

While we're pretty sure Johannes Brahms enjoyed some chocolate every once in a while, the orchestra on this recording has its own claim to candy fame!

John Cadbury first began making chocolate in the early 1840s.  His first factory opened in Birmingham, England and enjoyed great success from its first day of business.

In 1878, Cadbury's sons Richard and George purchased the Bournbrook Estate and built a factory with a workers' community there, renaming it Bournville.

Located away from the city center, the residents of Bournville established athletic clubs and musical societies for the workers that lived there. The Cadbury factory also had its own orchestra and brass band.

The city of Birmingham remained a strong cultural center, and its orchestra was the first in England to be funded by a local authority.

Since then, the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra has been one of England's most famous musical organizations

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