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Wassailing, Backyard Chicken Tips, Mushrooms And Wine

Mulled wine and chicken mushrooms on the menu. A new super-herbicide brings new concerns. Tips for beginning backyard chicken farmers. And we go a'wassailing.


You have to think like it’s really dark in England in the middle of winter. And then you get to get together with a group of people and light some torches and go out in the orchard and drink a lot of cider.

We take a look at the tradition of wassailing in the cider-producing counties of southwestern England. Maria Kennedy is here today.

Daniel Orr cooks a couple recipes that would appeal to our guests. First, mulled wine and then chicken-of-the-woods mushrooms.

That’s a fun nod to Jana Wilson, our backyard chicken farmer. She tells us things she wishes she had known before she got chickens.

Farmers in Colorado are trying to maintain the genetic diversity of a rare breed of sheep.

And, a new super-chemical intended to fight super-weeds, but what could happen if it gets overused? Harvest Public Media has that story.

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Concerns Remain Over Super Chemical To Fight Super Weeds

Farmers who switch from Roundup to Enlist will be nearly doubling the amount of chemicals they pour on their land.

Wassailing: A New Year’s Party In The Apple Orchard

Folklorist Maria Kennedy says noisy processions into apple orchards are meant to wake up the cider trees and scare away evil spirits.

Warm Wine With Mulling Spices And Honey

Pick up a bottle of your favorite local red wine and make this yummy warm drink.

Colo. Farmers Work To Ensure Diversity In Rare Sheep Breed

Oogie McGuire sends and receives sheep from across the U.S., one way to ensure that her flock and others are getting new blood.

Chicken Of The Woods Mushrooms

Who needs actual chicken when you have these meaty and flavorful mushrooms!

11 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Got Chickens

What should potential chicken farmers know before venturing to raise them?

Annie Corrigan

Annie Corrigan is a producer and announcer for WFIU. In addition to serving as the local voice for NPR's Morning Edition, she produces WFIU's weekly sustainable food program Earth Eats. She earned degrees in oboe performance from Indiana University and Bowling Green State University.

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