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Wassailing, Backyard Chicken Tips, Mushrooms And Wine

You have to think like it's really dark in England in the middle of winter. And then you get to get together with a group of people and light some torches and go out in the orchard and drink a lot of cider.

We take a look at the tradition of wassailing in the cider-producing counties of southwestern England. Maria Kennedy is here today.

Daniel Orr cooks a couple recipes that would appeal to our guests. First, mulled wine and then chicken-of-the-woods mushrooms.

That's a fun nod to Jana Wilson, our backyard chicken farmer. She tells us things she wishes she had known before she got chickens.

Farmers in Colorado are trying to maintain the genetic diversity of a rare breed of sheep.

And, a new super-chemical intended to fight super-weeds, but what could happen if it gets overused? Harvest Public Media has that story.

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