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February 25, 2019


How Fiber Can Help The Microbes Inside Us Thrive

The foods we put in our bodies affect the kinds of bacteria that live and flourish there. A new book explores this collaboration — and the cultures whose dishes maximize the relationship.

January 18, 2019


Confounds Are Life-An Anthropologist Takes a Closer Look At The Microbiome

Fermentation and fermented foods continue to be hot topics all over the food world. Our guests take on the microbiome from multiple perspectives.

November 6, 2018


Immigrating To The U.S.? Get Ready For A New Gut Microbiome

Hmong immigrants began losing native bacteria in their guts soon after arriving in the U.S., a change associated with more obesity. Eating an American diet plays a role but doesn't explain everything.

May 2, 2018


Probiotics For Babies? New Research Explores Good Bacteria

Sales of probiotics are soaring. While some studies on this beneficial bacteria show it can treat specific health issues in children, scientists are exploring how it may help gut health more broadly.

August 11, 2017


More Than Bread: Sourdough As A Window Into The Microbiome

Home bakers have volunteered their sourdough starters to a team of American scientists who want to unravel the microbial secrets of sourdough.

October 27, 2015


Farmers Asked To Curtail Antibiotic Use In Livestock

To ensure we still have antibiotics to treat diseases in both humans and livestock, doctors and farmers need to use them carefully.

March 19, 2015


Queen Bee Microbiome, Yams, Resistance To Organic Checkoff

Researchers analyze a queen bee's gut. Problems with an organic checkoff. Yams for dinner. A look at one Pakistani-American family's hybrid food traditions.

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