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February 13, 2019


California Chef Aims To Help Restaurant Workers Prevent Suicide

The restaurant business can be tough on your mental health, and has led some chefs to suicide. Chef Patrick Mulvaney is helping Sacramento kitchen workers learn the warning signs and ask for help.

June 8, 2018


Senate Bill Seeks To Help Farmers Obtain Mental Health Services

Depressed commodity and dairy prices and a burgeoning trade war are adding to the usual stresses and taking a toll on farmers.

April 20, 2018


Farmer Mental Health Bills: Are They Enough?

As essential legislation passes to provide farmers with mental health services, the conversation is shifting to deeper causes of farmer suicide and longer term solutions.

February 16, 2018


Agri-Mark Joins Farmer Suicide Prevention Movement

The dairy co-op wrote a letter to its New England members last week stating it was in the process of creating a member assistance program.

February 2, 2018


We’re Finally Talking About Farmer Suicides. Here’s Why.

Farmers are killing themselves at twice the rate of veterans. An article in the Guardian prompted the Washington state legislature to do something about it.

August 15, 2017


Drop-In Centers In Rural Kansas Address Dangers Of Isolation

Suicide rates are higher in rural areas than in urban due at least in part to isolation. Neighbor to Neighbor was founded to connect women in small town Kansas.

July 6, 2017


Study Shows Farmer Suicide Rate Still Rising

New research indicates that the suicide rate for farmers has continued to climb higher since the 1980s compared to workers in other industries.

March 14, 2017


Why Kids Should See Their Veggies

Getting kids to eat veggies through subterfuge sets the bar too low, researchers say. Your child must actually learn to like veggies, weird textures and all.

March 26, 2013

Body And Mind 

Bad Food Makes Bad Moods Worse, Study Finds

Got the blues? Unhealthy eating may only make things worse.

October 6, 2012

This Week's Podcast 

Drew Ramsey Talks Nutrition, Green Tomatoes Vine To Fryer

Dr. Drew Ramsey talks about how diet can affect brain health. Growing tomatoes next spring starts with amending your soil. And, let's make fried green tomatoes!

October 6, 2012

Healthy Is Happy 

Dr. Drew Ramsey, Part 1: Happiness On Your Plate

Dr. Drew Ramsey's new book "The Happiness Diet" links healthy eating with a healthy brain. Don't worry -- He's not asking you to kick your burger habit.

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