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Sustainability: From The Farm To Your Plate (And Cup)

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Sustainability is a much bigger thing than just being able to raise food without putting petroleum-based chemicals on it. It's being able to teach somebody else how to do it.

That's Greg Marlett of Hardway Farms. His is one of the many voices we'll hear in the first half of today's program as we discuss what it means to grow food sustainably.

Unlike with the organic label, you can't be certified "sustainable." Â So many people have come up with their own idea of the word. Jessica Naudziunas of Harvest Public Media finds out how a number of farmers interpret what it means to grow food sustainably.

Then, Stephanie Hartono takes a look at the carbon footprint of her morning cuppa and discovers that of all the steps from farm to cup, the final one that takes place in the cafe is actually the most wasteful.

We have vegetarians in mind for our two recipes. Chef Daniel Orr prepares a cold soup with fresh broccoli and a simple salad of roasted tomatoes and snow peas.

And finally, we sit down with a researcher from Indiana University to talk about how schools can impact the rates of childhood obesity in the U.S.

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