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Two Summer Soups: Curried Carrot And Broccoli Tofu

It may seem counter-intuitive to be cooking soups in the summertime, but hot soups can actually cool you down in hot temperatures. Â "In the Caribbean where I worked for a couple years," Chef Daniel Orr says, "they liked hot soup. Â So, they would have their pumpkin soup in the middle of summer with scotch bonnets, you know things that make you sweat a little bit." Â But, serving these two soups cold would also be refreshing during the hot summer days.

Curried Carrot and Fennel Soup with Turmeric and Orange

Our first recipe is a bright orange carrot soup. Â "If you want to make this vegan," Chef Orr says, "you could add agave nectar instead of honey, which is made from the same plant you make tequila out of."Â And instead of the optional heavy cream, you could add coconut milk. This soup is great hot or cold and garnished with anything from crab or shrimp to Mexican cream and orange segments.

Broccoli and Basil Soup with Soy

What we're going to make next is a broccoli soup with basil and soy. Â In this case, the soy is going to be tofu, so it'll have a creamy unctuous texture and flavor but without adding heavy cream. Â This recipe incorporates the water used to cooked the broccoli. Â "You're building up vitamins into that water," Chef Orr says. Â "You can also save that cooking water and have it as a vegetable stock." Â You can also water your plants with the cooking water - as long as no salt was added!

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