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Sweet Summer Beverages: Blackberry Mint Tonic And Basilica

blackberry and mint tonic

After a hard day on the farm, there's nothing better than a tall cool drink. Be it a sweet tea or something stronger, a cool libation is the perfect reward for the day's toil.

The beverages I like to prepare lean heavily toward local products while still enjoying the spirit and spirits from the 4 corners of the globe. Think local, drink global!

Non-alcoholic And Themed Drinks

Lunchtime is a chance to try out non-alcoholic drinks – spritzers and fruit and veggie drinks. Weekend brunch parties and ball games allow a chance to play with versions of Bloody Marys, Mimosas or Car Bombs.

Also, try theme cocktails. Serving one or two specialty drinks can make things easier on the pocketbook at the liquor store and smoother at party time. Have fun with Cinco de Mayo, St. Patty's day, Bastille Day and other ethnic holidays by creating libations that are intriguing and inviting.

Classic and regional American cocktails and softer drinks can make a party as well. Cucumber coolers, blackberry tonics, mint juleps, sazeracs and Manhattans can all have a place on your roster for entertaining. Fresh or fierce – as long as they're fun.

Remember don't forget to designate a number of drinks per guest, and make sure you have a designated driver for those not staying over.


Sweet Summer Drinks

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