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State Fair Chow-Down

Fair concessionaires pour fryers-full of creativity into developing the greasiest and tastiest snacks imaginable. Here are some of our 2012 favorites.

  • ferris wheel at night

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    You might want to wait an hour or two before riding the Ferris Wheel after grubbing one of these decadent snacks!

  • A deep-fried grilled cheese sandwich, served with a few pickle slices.

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    It’s almost a truism that if it’s edible and can be deep-fried, it will be deep-fried and sold at a state fair somewhere. In California, they’re deep-frying grilled cheese sandwiches to make a treat your arteries will hate, but your taste buds will love.

  • A bowl of ice cream and toppings that looks just like a plate of spaghetti and meatballs with tomato sauce.

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    Spaghetti Ice Cream is the feature food for the 2012 Indiana State Fair. Before you curl your nose in disgust, though, get the details. The “noodles” are made from gelato, the “sauce” from strawberries, and the "meatballs" and "Parmesan" from dark and white chocolate.

  • Hot dogs wrapped in bacon sitting in buns made out of donuts.

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    This is New York's Big Kahuna Dog. It’s a hot dog wrapped in bacon wrapped in a doughnut. What more can anyone possibly want? Some veggies maybe?

  • A sausage wedged into the center of a french baguette.

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    Minnesota's French Dog is a classy twist on a fairground classic. Customers can choose between smoked bratwurst, smoked jalapeno and original dogs -- all served on freshly baked baguettes.

  • An array of unusual chocolate-covered foods, including scorpions, mealworms, crickets, and jalapenos.

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    Chef John brings Fear Factor to the Arizona State Fair, offering all kinds of surprising things dipped in chocolate. Pictured here are jalapenos, mealworms, crickets and scorpions. None of these foods are actually dangerous to eat, but you don't need to tell your friends that before they watch you bite into one!

At Earth Eats, we’re big advocates of healthy eating. But we also understand that sometimes you find yourself at the state fair and really have little choice but to indulge in some greasy, sugary, delicious junk food.

Here are five of the most fabulous, ridiculous and impressive concoctions being served up at fairs across the country this year.

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Sarah Gordon

Sarah Gordon has been interested in food ethics since she was 15, learned about industrial slaughter, and launched into 10 years of vegetarianism. These days, she strives to be a conscientious omnivore. Now a PhD candidate in folklore, her research has caused her to spend a lot of time in the remote Canadian sub-arctic, where the lake trout (sustainably harvested) tastes amazing.

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