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How To Have A Safe And Sustainable Halloween!

Happy Halloween Earth Eaters! In preparation for the spookiest night of the year, here are some guidelines for having a safe and sustainable Halloween!

Sadly, through the years, Halloween has become anything but sustainable.


Trick or treat! No doubt, this time tomorrow you’ll be escorting your little munchkin from door to door while they eagerly scrounge for handfuls of chocolate bars, fruit flavored sours, and the occasional apple. Over the years, this October tradition has become anything but sustainable.

Just think about all the isles of Halloween costumes that line your grocery stores. How many of those “get-ups” actually get worn more than once? To help green your Halloween, rather than spending beaucoups money on the latest Hannah Montana outfit, try swapping costumes with a friend or family member. Better yet, make your own.

Growing up, I remember wearing the “hand-me-down” costumes that literally every other person in my family had worn. Back in the ’70s, my grandma had sewn together a myriad of costumes that were passed down from child to child.

At first came the typical Halloween costumes – a black cat; a clown; and then the infamous, orange, felt-made, newspaper-stuffed Jack-O-Lantern, which every child dreaded wearing in fear of being called a “fat orange blob.” After those first three came the more exclusive costumes – the red crayon; Peter Pan; Davy Crockett; or my personal favorite, the serial killer, which consisted of a ginormous Cheerios box and a fake hatchet.

But I digress. Halloween can literally be the most frightful night of the year for parents and trick-or-treaters. Here are some green, safety tips that will ensure a pleasant and earth-friendly Halloween for you and your family.

“Greenified” Halloween Costumes From Green Guide

  • The fried egg: Get a cheap white sheet and cut a hole big enough to fit your head through. Paint your face yellow.
  • Freudian slip: Wear an old slip over your clothes, get a big cigar, and make a name tag that reads “Sigmund.”•
  • Bag of jelly beans: Get an empty dry cleaning bag, cut holes for your arms and legs, then step into the bag so it is loose around your middle. Fill with different colored balloons, then knot the bag to secure it around your neck.

Safety Tips for This Frightful Night

  • Wear short costumes in order to prevent trips and falls.
  • Wear bright colors to ensure that drivers see you and your children. You may even want to stick reflective tape to your costume.
  • Know where your children are and make sure they’re not alone.
  • Make sure your child “trick-or-treats” when it’s still light out, but give them a flashlight just in case.
  • Remind your child not to ride with strangers.
  • Don’t eat candies where the wrappers have been slightly ripped off.

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Emily Shelton

Emily Shelton is a web producer and blogger for Earth Eats. A native of Evansville, Indiana, Emily moved to Bloomington in the fall of 2007 to attend Indiana University, pursuing a major in Telecommunications and a minor in Business. Emily began interning at WFIU in the fall of 2008 and is now an Assistant Web Producer. As an official Earth Eats "tweeter", Emily loves spreading the word about the importance of environmental issues and "going green". In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, writing, and looking at pictures of delicious meals that she'll only ever dream about.

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