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Reduce Your Food Waste With These Five Websites

Some waste is inevitable on the farm, during transportation and through retail sales, but we can do our part to lessen the amount of food that gets tossed.

Just Eat It

Photo: Just Eat It movie homepage

"Just Eat It" is a film about reducing food waste by subsisting only off of foods that would have been thrown away.

Each week, Earth Eats shares a comprehensive list of links to food media outlets, including but not limited to film, books, photo blogs, websites, video series, and podcasts.

Research shows that over 30 percent of the food produced in the U.S. ends up wasted. Some waste is inevitable on the farm, during transportation and through retail services, but as consumers, we should do our part to lessen the amount of food that gets tossed in the trash. This week, we’ve rounded up five resources to help you reduce food waste.

Just Eat It

Just Eat It is a documentary film by creators of The Clean Bin Project that dives into food waste, from the farm to our kitchens. The film highlights the connections amongst farmers, retailers, organizations and consumers.

Wasted Food

Jonathan Bloom, author of Wasted Food, explains why food is wasted, why it matters and what we need to do about it. Check out his blog to learn more about food rescue initiatives and research.

We Hate to Waste

This website shares articles and blog posts about current research on food waste issues. If you are hoping to move toward a no-waste lifestyle — and not just in edibles — the tips on this website will be useful.

Still Tasty

Want to know if that food is still safe to eat? Still Tasty explains expiration dates so we know how long foods last in our fridges and pantries.

Food for Thoughtful Action

Steve Finn is an expert on sustainability with a major focus on reducing global food waste. His website covers the latest in food research, policy and collaborations.

Sarah Ostaszewski

Sarah Ostaszewski is a student of anthropology and fine arts at Indiana University. She dreams of fresh summer tomatoes from her family's garden, and she loves tasting unique ingredients, learning culinary histories, and tracing foods back to their roots.

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