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Paw Paw Cookies, Puh-Please


'Tis the season for paw paws!

I grew up foraging for these fall treats in southern Indiana. I don't have as much time now, so thanks to the local forager who provided us with the paw paws for today's recipe. They aren't around for long -- September through early November -- so let's enjoy them while we can!

When you slice the paw paw open, you'll see several large black seeds. I use a food mill to remove the seeds and pulverize the fruit into a purée, but you can do this by hand if you'd rather.

But I've gotten ahead of myself -- What do they taste like? Imagine a mango meets a banana and is crossed with a papaya. It's equal parts unique and delicious!

Paw paw purée is a great additive to cookie recipes. Try this out as a local/seasonal twist on dessert!

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