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To Meat, Or Not To Meat: Vegan Gene Baur And Bison Stews

We speak with Gene Baur, president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary. We visit a local bison farm, and Chef Daniel Orr prepares chili and a stew with bison meat.


Photo: Heartlover1717 (Flickr)

Kathleen Crews has been farming bison on Buffalo Run Farm in Lincoln City, Indiana for 13 years.

We’re in the midst, I believe, of a burgeoning food movement where people are going to farmers markets more regularly, they’re supporting community supported agriculture programs, community gardens, and the more that that happens, the more we’re going to see factory farms pushed away.

That’s Gene Baur, president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary. He stops by the Earth Eats studios to talk about how his organization is working to improve living conditions for farm animals.

Meat eaters will enjoy our two recipes today. Chef Daniel Orr is preparing chili and a stew.

The meat of choice in those dishes is bison, and he visits Buffalo Run Farm to see how the animals live.

Before that, Harvest Public Media reports that Roundup-resistant weeds are changing the game for farmers.

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Roundup Resistance Leading To More Chemicals, Study Finds

spray plane

After years of exposure, weeds are beginning to adapt to Roundup. As a result, farmers are using more chemicals, according to a recent study from Benbrook.

Gene Baur Interview, Part 1: Compassion For Farm Animals

Gene Baur With Bubbles the Turkey

In part one of our interview with Farm Sanctuary's Gene Baur, he talks about how animals are treated on factory farms and why vegan living is his religion.

Buffalo Run Farm: Raising America’s Original Red Meat

bison American buffalo

Kathleen Crews of Buffalo Run says bison are fairly easy to raise as long as they have plenty of grass and water. But be sure to keep them away from ostriches.

Bison, Pumpkin And Lentil Chili

buffalo chili

In addition to the three marquee ingredients, coffee adds some zing to this chili.

Beef Or Bison Stew With Winter Vegetables

bison or beef stew

We're using beef brisket in the stew, a tough cut of meat, because we're going to be cooking it for hours.

Annie Corrigan

Annie Corrigan is a producer and announcer for WFIU. In addition to serving as the local voice for NPR's Morning Edition, she produces WFIU's weekly sustainable food program Earth Eats. She earned degrees in oboe performance from Indiana University and Bowling Green State University.

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