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Leftover Food? Swap It!

Concerned with food waste? Ordered too much takeout? A new app will help with that.

Trading leftover pizza with your neighbor made easy, using LeftoverSwap.

Imagine you have ordered a whole pizza, but can only eat half. Assuming you don’t want to keep eating it for the next few meals, what do you do? What if there was a smartphone app that helped you share leftovers with locals?

Well, “LeftoverSwap” is an app that does exactly that, providing those with surplus food a chance to connect with neighbors, share food they aren’t going to eat, and reduce waste in the process.

Obvious issues arise, of course, like food safety. Co-founder Dan Newman addressed this concern by comparing LeftoverSwap to Craiglist. “Don’t give away anything you wouldn’t eat yourself. And if you do take food, make sure you prepare it properly,” he told KCRG of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

LeftoverSwap launched in August this year. While it’s received a fair share of media attention, commenters on Apple’s online store have complained of low participation rates.

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Liz Leslie

Liz Leslie is a journalist based in Chicago. When she's not writing about food, she's likely eating food. Or dreaming about food.

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