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Honey Slingers, Cucumber Grafters And Sour Beers

A view from the top of the inside of a honey extractor, a stainless steel barrel with honeycomb frames installed like spokes on a wheel

The honey extractor getting loaded up with frames of honeycomb (Kayte Young/WFIU)

This week on our show we visit with beekeepers at a “honey sling,” we talk with growers about cucumber grafting, and a biochemist about yeast hunting and sour beer making.

And Harvest Public Media has stories on a conservation reserve program and covid testing for farmworkers. 


Honey Slinging

Wintertime is down time for beekeepers. It’s a time for waiting, watching and hoping that your bees have what they need to get through the winter.

If they do make it through the cold months and have a successful spring and summer, you might have a chance to harvest some of their extra honey in the fall.

A few years ago, I attended a Honey Sling in Bedford, indiana. It’s a honey extraction event and this one was organized by the Bedford Beekeepers Club

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Stories On This Episode

Building Trust Is Key To Ensuring Farmworker Access To COVID Testing, Vaccine

Two people in white medical protective gowns and winter hats stand at a table near a cooler outside in a parking lot as a car drives towards them

The rollout of the coronavirus vaccine provides hope that the end of the pandemic is near. But it’s not over yet. And in some parts of the country access to COVID-19 testing... is STILL a problem.

Cómo Eliminar Las Barreras A Las Pruebas De COVID Para Trabajadores Agrícolas

Two people in white medical protective gowns and winter hats stand at a table near a cooler outside in a parking lot as a car drives towards them

Se han registrado decenas de miles de casos de la COVID-19 y cientos de muertes entre trabajadores agrícolas y de las plantas de carne en los Estados Unidos. Y, aun así, los trabajadores agrícolas como Saraí tienen muchas dificultades para acceder a la herramienta más básica para combatir la propagación del virus: hacerse la prueba.

Grafting Cucumbers At White Violet

Wenjing Guan pointing to a sprout in a tray of seedlings on a table with Liv Carlton

Grafting the delicate stems of cucumber seedlings might sound tedious, but it could be worth the effort if you get results.

As Payments Dwindle, Farmers Drop Out Of USDA Conservation Program

Mary Chris Barth standing in a field of brown grass, with a flat, uninterrupted horizon and gray blue sky

Many farmers may not re-enroll in a conservation program that plays an important role in regenerating soil and water.

Yeast Hunting With Matt Bochman

Three tall wooden vats in a large room

Have you every wondered what your favorite spot in the woods might taste like in a beer? Wild Pitch Yeast might make that possible.

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