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Halloween Inspired Sugar Cookies

Halloween Sugar Cookies

I have tried dozens of sugar cookie recipes over the years, with varying results – some have come out too buttery, too flakey, they break too easily, or are too crispy. This recipe produces  a top notch batch guaranteed.

They come out both firm and creamy, while still being able be battered with frosting. My friend Colleen provided me with the recipe, and I now share it with you!

Now For The Decorating:

This recipe makes quite a few cookies, depending on the size of cookie cutters you use. If you feel ambitious you can decorate these little buttery bites of deliciousness with royal icing-a hard icing that is traditionally made from softly beaten egg whites, powdered sugar, and sometimes lemon juice is added for flavoring.

I did not realize the effort that went into making cookies with this type of frosting-it's well worth it, just because of the awesome results you get when you stick it out and have patience. You can use this icing for a few cookies and the remainder can be slathered with a delicious buttercream, appreciated for its taste over looks.

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