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Food And The Festival Of Lights

Happy Hanukkah! Latkes, sufganiyot, even beer are set on the festive table.

Sufganiyot, or jelly donuts, make an appearance at the Hanukkah table.

Happy Hanukkah! Like many holidays, food is part of the celebration, and you don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy the fare.

Potato latkes are a beloved treat. The latkes are fried in oil, representing the miracle oil that was supposed to only last a single night but lasted eight. To try these at home, check out this recipe.

Blogger Lisa Bramen says don’t stop with latkes — fry up any number of foods, from veggies to chick peas to olives.

Jelly doughnuts, or sufganiyot, are another popular addition to Hanukkah meals. The sweet treats keep some popular bakeries frying all night during the holiday.

A more recent addition to the Hanukkah celebration is beer. Craft breweries are starting to add a Hanukkah beer to their lineup, like Lompoc Brewery in Portland, Oregon.

A deeper look shows beer may not be such a new phenomenon — the connection goes back to the Babylonian days.

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