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The National Pork Board Hopes You’ll ‘Be Inspired’

The National Pork Board's new slogan hopes you will "Be Inspired" by pork.

Sliced Pork Loin

Photo: Another Pint Please... (flickr)

Could you "Be Inspired" to cook with pork more often as the NPB hopes?

Goodbye, ‘Other White Meat’

It may have been cheesy, but “Pork: The Other White Meat” was an effective marketing tool for the National Pork Board (NPB) for 25 years. Earlier this month, though, the NPB decided that it was time to change their slogan to one that doesn’t rely on a comparison with the poultry industry.

The reason for the change: “We want to increase pork sales by 10 percent by 2014. To do that, we needed to make a stronger connection, a more emotional connection to our product,” says Ceci Synder, the NPB’s vice president of marketing.

The new slogan: “Pork: Be Inspired.”

The NPB will spend $11 million to promote the new campaign through print and broadcast advertising, public relations, social media, and food service marketing.

Warm Fuzzies

“The Other White Meat” slogan encouraged consumers to consider pork as a healthy, low-calorie meat. This increased the amount of people who bought pork, but two decades later, pork consumption is on the decline again. It remains behind beef and chicken, with chicken reigning as the highest consumed meat product.

The new slogan seeks to kindle a love of pork in consumers who already buy pork, thus preserving the NPB’s consumer base. In particular, the NPB hopes that pork enthusiasts will think of pork as a versatile meat that can be used and shared in many recipes.

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  • Mo Brock (Martha)

    How about, “Pork: We torture so you don't have to.”

  • maxYo

    I thought “The Other White Meat” was a great slogan, in fact I recalled the slogan last week before I bought a big slab for pulled pork sandwiches. Yes, a good marketing should have emotional appeal, but how much emotional connection do you want with your food? I think people might be shallower than you think. Ultimately we all want to know, what are you gong to do for me? Price, taste, and health in that order, is what I look at before I pick up anything to come home with me. Instead of sinking $11 mil into launching a new slogan, perhaps they can use half as much to promote the health benefits of pork and how it tastes better etc. and rekindle the affinity we have with the old slogan.
    “Pork: Be Inspired” works, I was inspired to write this post.

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