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Eat Fresh... At Burger King?

Burger King is stepping up the fast-food game when it comes to marketing toward the health-conscious.

Goodbye King, Hello Oatmeal

Partnering with Quaker Oats, Burger King announced Thursday it will offer oatmeal plain or with dried fruit.

Oatmeal isn't the only change Burger King is making -- the chain also recently ousted the iconic King figure for no one other than dear old Mom.

Responding to survey data, Burger King will focus efforts on a "food-centric" campaign, showing fresh food items.

The changes may not actually be healthier -- studies show people want fresh ingredients more than fewer calories. The California Whopper, for instance, may have fresh veggies, but it also clocks in at 820 calories.

The King Reclaims His Throne

Burger King's re-brand is an attempt to reclaim the number-two fast food chain place in both sales and growth, right underneath McDonald's. Subway recently claimed that spot, followed by Starbucks.

McDonald's first introduced oatmeal in their restaurants earlier this year. The chain has far surpassed its competitors in the breakfast market, introducing breakfast in the 1970s.

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