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Coffee: Grow It, Roast It, Drink It, Cook It

Anthropologist Catherine Tucker brings us the perspective of coffee growers. S.K. Quigley roasts the beans. Daniel Orr uses coffee in a barbecue sauce.

coffee beans falling out of sack

I love the southeast Asian coffees because they are lower in acid. They have a very rich, robust, complex flavor. If you were going to compare it to a wine, it’s like a very rich, full-bodied red wine. That’s my favorite cup of wine and that’s my favorite cup of coffee.

Catherine Tucker loves coffee so much she’s also studying it. She’s an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Indiana University. In today’s edition of Food School, she talks about all the things to consider why buying a bag of coffee beans.

She mentioned wine, Harvest Public Media reports that some Midwest vineyards are being devastated by pesticide drift.

Back to coffee, we visit a local roaster who walks us through the tricky process of getting beans perfectly browned.

And coffee in the marinade! Daniel Orr makes some stunning barbecued spare ribs.

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Annie Corrigan

Annie Corrigan is a producer and announcer for WFIU. In addition to serving as the local voice for NPR's Morning Edition, she produces WFIU's weekly sustainable food program Earth Eats. She earned degrees in oboe performance from Indiana University and Bowling Green State University.

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