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Benefit Brew-With Indy High Bines And Upland Brewing

Crews from Indy High Bines and Upland Brewing Company join foces to havest hops. Mike Lewis drives the tractor, Ryan Gettum(L) and Matthew Batty(R) clip the tops of the bines from the trellis.(Kayte Young/WFIU)

On this week’s show we take a look back to a story about beer making with fresh, green, locally grown hops. We check out the hops farm, too. And, we’ve got a cool dessert recipe, made with coffee liqueur

Upland Brewing shares a birthday with Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard (AKA, The Hub), a local food pantry and community food resource center in Bloomington, Indiana. They both started in 1998. Upland is honoring The Hub with a special, wet-hopped beer called Mother’s Harvest.
To make this New England-style, Hazy IPA you need fresh hops. I met a crew from Upland out at Indy High Bines, a hops farm just south of Indianapolis, for the harvest.

Hops are harvested in August and September. This is the only time brewers can get fresh hops for wet-hopped, harvest brews. (Kayte Young/WFIU)

Rachel De Cuba finds the end of the bine, pushes back the leaves, and gets the end hooked, to be pulled into the top of the machine. (Kayte Young/WFIU)

Andy Stockman inspects the hops cones, and picks out any stray leaves or stems the machine might have missed (Kayte Young/WFIU)

The next morning, the Upland brewers get to work extracting that fresh hops flavor while the cones are still bright green and fragrant.

Upland Brewers Matt Wisely and Zech Algood inspect the chinook hops, just in from Indy High Bines. (Kayte Young/WFIU)

Zech Allgood splits open a fresh hop cone, to expose the powdery lupulin inside the flower (Kayte Young/WFIU)

Matt Wisely and Zech Allgood stir the wort and fresh hops mixture before the wort passes onto the whirlpool and to the fermenters beyond (Kayte Young/WFIU)

You can see why they call it “hazy.” Upland’s Mother’s Harvest IPA will be available for a short time on tap and in cans (Kayte Young/WFIU)

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Kayte Young discovered her passion for growing, cooking, foraging and preserving fresh food when she moved to Bloomington in 2007. With a background in construction, architecture, nutrition education and writing, she brings curiosity and a love of storytelling to a show about all things edible. Kayte raises bees, a small family and a yard full of food in Bloomington’s McDoel Gardens neighborhood.

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