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Not Eating Breakfast May Be Good For Your Weight

To dieters who thought eating a big breakfast in the morning would stop you from eating later on, a new study says you're wrong.


Photo: oosp (flickr)

A big breakfast like this one would only increase your caloric intake for the day.

No More Bacon And Eggs, Please

According to German researchers who researched 380 people, 280 of whom were obese, no matter how big a breakfast you eat in the morning, your non-breakfast caloric intake will still remain the same.  This means people who eat breakfast end up eating more total daily calories than people who skip their morning meal.

The results were the same for healthy-weight and obese adults.

“Whenever someone comes to me for dietary advice and says, ‘I never eat breakfast,’ I say, ‘Keep doing what you’re doing,’” says the senior author Dr. Volker Schusdziarra, a professor of internal medicine at the Technical University of Munich. “Eating breakfast is just added calories. You’ll never compensate for them at subsequent meals.”

Breakfast Supporters Disagree

“I’m not buying it on the strength of one study,” said James Hill, an obesity expert at the University of Colorado at Denver. “There’s nothing in this study that would cause me to change my advice to people that eating breakfast is one of the most important things you can do for your health and your weight.”

Christie Munsell, a research assistant at the Rudd Center for Obesity at Yale University, was also surprised by these findings. “It’s necessary in the morning to eat in order to replenish the glucose stores we’ve lost overnight,” she said, also pointing out breakfast’s role in improving mood, productivity, and memory.

You Are What You Eat

The study found that the foods most often responsible for the variations in daily calories were:

  • bread
  • eggs
  • cheese
  • sausages
  • marmalade
  • butter

Eating breakfast may increase caloric intake, but a healthy breakfast still seems like a good idea.

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Katie Dawson

Katie Dawson is a sophomore at IU majoring in journalism and Spanish. Currently she lives in Bloomington, IN but is originally from Indianapolis. She enjoys cooking, eating and sometimes exercising.

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  • Mike Lieberman

    Do you think it would depend on what you actually ate? I'd assume that if one were to eat a lighter breakfast than these issues wouldn't exist.

  • Kelly Ouellette

    Portion control! Don't eat so much, and keep a balanced blood sugar to help keep a balanced weight.

  • Alexandra Nys

    I would take the bread straight off the plate and discard it if I ordered breakfast and got what’s in the picture. And I would still not be able to eat a breakfast that big without feeling gross until 11am. Some of us just aren’t made to hold that much food. I feel what I think is undue pressure to eat breakfast. I would rather listen to my body.

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