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BPA Ban Bill Passes California State Senate

The California state Senate passed a bill that would ban BPA in plastic baby products like bottles.

Bisphenol A has been linked to a rash of hormonal and behavior problems, including early puberty, infertility and prostate cancer.

Passed Tuesday, the The Toxin-Free Infants Act would make it illegal to sell infant and young children's beverage containers containing BPA after July 1, 2013.

Executive director of Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles Martha Dina Argüello calls the decision important, "since babies and children are most vulnerable to endocrine-disrupting chemicals."

Advocates for the bill expect a fight, as similar measures have failed before.

The bill still has to pass the Assembly and Gov. Jerry Brown before it can be signed into law.

Read a brief timeline of BPA legal events.

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