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Five Blogs For Unique Eats

We’ve compiled a list of food blogs with inventive recipes utilizing some pretty unique ingredients.

Lady and Pup's take on custard cake

Each week, Earth Eats shares a comprehensive list of links to food media outlets, including but not limited to film, books, photo blogs, websites, video series, and podcasts.

Now that we’ve transitioned into spring, it may be time to make a transition in the kitchen, too. But instead of rehashing old recipes, why not mix it up with ingredients you’ve never used and tastes your family has never experienced!

For this week’s installment of our food media series, we’ve compiled five food blogs with innovative recipes that make the familiar unfamiliar.

Lady and Pups

Lady and Pups is a self-proclaimed angry food blog that remedies discontent with sometimes-sinful, hearty recipes and photography sure to leave you salivating. In the many cleverly-named (Justice is Soft-Served) and Asian-inspired (Gochujang spaghetti) recipes, readers will find unique ingredients combined in ways rarely imagined. If the Wrong and Irresponsible Sandwich doesn’t hook you, then the new eggs Benedict just might.

I am a Food Blog

After repeatedly proclaiming that she could make her favorite restaurant and takeout meals at home, food-lover Stephanie Le took up her own challenge and began I am a Food Blog. It’s a food journal with great photography and unique, often-Asian inspired ingredient mash-ups. Her pumpkin cat doughnut and Totoro musubi are undeniably cute, and the bacon-wrapped yakimochi and okonomiyaki burger give classics a new twist.

The Civilized Caveman

The Paleo Diet isn’t for everyone, but we’re willing to give it a chance with The Civilized Caveman. This food blog is about big changes through perseverance and, of course, real food and pleasurable eating. One glance into the Paleo Pantry prompts grocery list modifications that include less of the usual and more of the unfamiliar.

Veggie Desserts

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate more veggies into your diet, Veggie Desserts has more than a few fresh ideas – starting with dessert. By now we have all seen recipes for crispy kale chips, but treats like kale and apple cake, avocado ice cream or sweet potato lattes prove the versatility of vegetables while still satisfying a sweet tooth.

Fat of the Land

A writer, lecturer and all-around expert on foraged and wild edibles, Langdon Cook offers innovative recipes full of unique ingredients. Sure, we may not find fiddleheads, dandelions, barnacles, or insects at the local grocery, but with knowledge gleaned from Fat of the Land we might just gain the courage to enter and eat the wild.

Sarah Ostaszewski

Sarah Ostaszewski is a student of anthropology and fine arts at Indiana University. She dreams of fresh summer tomatoes from her family's garden, and she loves tasting unique ingredients, learning culinary histories, and tracing foods back to their roots.

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