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Author Judith Schwartz, Baked Brie, Crop Dusting

hands holding healthy soil

We hear so much bad news about the environment all the time. However, if you look at the world from the point of view of the soil, actually you see a lot of ways we can intervene.

Author Judith Schwartz says nature wants to heal itself. She speaks with us today about the inherent wealth in our environmental economy.

Hop in the cockpit with Harvest Public Media as they go crop dusting.

Women have always worked in agriculture, but now they are finally getting counted.

Daniel Orr is spending time with his mom Mary Lu in today’s show. They’ve started a fire and are ready to bake some brie.

And, making tamales takes a lot of hands. Chef Erika Yochum should know. She’s known around town as “the tamale lady.” A profile of her in today’s show.

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