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Artful Strawberry, Wine With Brad Dunn, Food Safety Agencies

I’ve spoken with a lot of winemakers who say the higher the alcohol, there’s more fruit, but then you don’t get the secondary and tertiary flavor components, like the floral components and these delicate spice notes.

Sommelier Brad Dunn is with us today to talk fruitiness in wines, New World versus Old World and why you can’t judge a wine by its label.

A non-alcoholic smoothie featuring strawberries with Daniel Orr.

Strawberries are the inspiration for Leah Gauthier’s artwork, and she wants you to participate in the project. She’ll tell us how in the second half of today’s show.

We attend a Hearthside Supper at the Conner House, where you’re not allowed to use your cell phones and no way will they serve you a lettuce salad in January.

And, one food safety agency to rule them all? Harvest Public Media imagines what that would look like.

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