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5 Hot Fall Fashions You Can Borrow From The Man In Your Life

Don't shell out forty bucks for that cute shirt in the window. The trendiest sustainable fall fashions are coming right out of your man’s closet!

A girl and boy dressed in plaid while sitting on a bench.

Photo: Brandon Christopher (Flickr)

This season's sustainable fashion trend is all about the plaid in your man's closet.


No need to shop around. This season, the trendiest fashions are coming right out of your man’s closet! So what’s the new fad this winter? Plaid. A few months ago I would’ve thought of plaid as the typical uniform for a construction worker. Well now, the “grungy” lumberjack-look is all the rage.

With the coming of winter, you’ll probably see more and more plaid prints hitting department stores. But why shell out cash for a shirt that can be found in your man’s closet? Cara Smusiak, of Planet Green says:

We all talk about organic cotton and bamboo fiber as a green alternative to conventionally grown or petroleum-based fibers, but sharing clothing is a thrifty way to keep up with trends and reduce consumption – which also makes your wardrobe green.

If you’re not sold on the laid-back look of plaid, there are plenty of ways to “dress up” this thrifty fashion. Consider these helpful fashion tips from Smusiak:

  1. The Lumberjack – “Grab an oversized, flannel plaid button-down and throw it on with skinny jeans or leggings. Add a belt at the waist to give yourself a figure, and you’re good to go.”
  2. Weathered Jeans – Don’t go buying “boyfriend jeans”. Snatch a pair from his closet and “secure that baggy waist with a wide belt at the hips.”
  3. His Ring- wear his ring as a charm on a necklace
  4. Blazers are back- borrow your man’s blazer rather than purchasing one in the store. Leave the jacket open or clinch it at the waist with a belt to avoid having that “boxy figure.”
  5. “Chic Chapeau”- hats are a hit this season. “Borrowing your man’s fedora or bowler is a great way to bring a little edgy menswear style to your look.”

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Emily Shelton

Emily Shelton is a web producer and blogger for Earth Eats. A native of Evansville, Indiana, Emily moved to Bloomington in the fall of 2007 to attend Indiana University, pursuing a major in Telecommunications and a minor in Business. Emily began interning at WFIU in the fall of 2008 and is now an Assistant Web Producer. As an official Earth Eats "tweeter", Emily loves spreading the word about the importance of environmental issues and "going green". In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, writing, and looking at pictures of delicious meals that she'll only ever dream about.

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