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Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators

Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators rehabilitates Indiana wildlife and educates the public about wild animals.

Every time someone brings me a nest of baby bunnies that’s an opportunity for me to teach them why those bunnies are in their yard, what those bunnies’ function is, and to give them a little piece of nature. — Kathy Hershey, President

Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators is a wildlife health facility dedicated to the veterinary care, rehabilitation, and release of native Indiana wildlife.

Located in Bartholomew County between Columbus and Hope, Indiana, Utopia Wildlife rehabilitates any animal native to Indiana, such as turtles, birds-including birds of prey-and mammals.

In addition to rehabilitation, Utopia also focuses on education, so that all Indiana residents have an understanding of wildlife and how to interact and engage with it responsibly.

Often, as part of their educational mission, Utopia staff find themselves combating commonly-held misconceptions. And one of the biggest, Kathy Hershey says, is the myth that if you touch a baby animal, the mother will abandon it. Hershey says that birds especially have very poor senses of smell and cannot detect a human’s scent. Additionally, she says, “wildlife moms are excellent moms” and will not abandon their young so easily.

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Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators
Kathy Hershey, President
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