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Stage Combat, Musical Arts Youth Orchestra, The Lady Gagas

This week on Artworks, students find out how to make it look rough but keep it safe, area youth gather for some advanced music making, and The Lady Gagas.

This week on Artworks, learn the ins and outs of stage combat with theatre professor Adam Noble. Artworks’ Adam Schwartz visited Noble’s class and learned what it takes to make it look real and still come away unharmed.  Adam’s piece first aired last year, and was just recently honored by the Society of Professional Journalists in Indianapolis.

We also visit the The Musical Arts Youth Orchestra, an inter-school orchestra where kids of all ages come together to play a wide range of musical styles. We’ll speak with music educator Brent Talbot to learn more about how participating in a music group affects the social and mental development of school-age children.

And it might not be a everyone’s idea of feminism, but a local group of singers has found a strange source of liberation as they take on rock ‘n roll covers of the music of pop icon, Lady Gaga.

Stories On This Episode

Stage Combat: “A Little Bit Of Storytelling And Then Safety”

At Indiana University theater department, where students are taught how to act, sing, and dance, they also learn how to fight on stage and in front of a camera. WFIU's Adam Schwartz visited a stage combat class to learn the secrets of making fake violence look and sound real.

The Musical Arts Youth Orchestra And The Art of Practice

The Musical Arts Youth Orchestra, or MAYO, is an inter-school orchestra where kids of all ages come together to play a wide range of musical styles.

“The Women” By Clare Booth Luce

Two members of the cast, one with a solo role and one who plays many parts, have different takes on the value of theater.

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