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The God of the Hive, The Showalter Fountain, Wylie House

This week on Artworks, Sherlock Holmes teams up with his wife and a visit to IU's Showalter Fountain and the Wyle House Museum.

This week on Artworks,

Two-twenty-one-B Baker Street just got a little more crowded. Adam Schwartz speaks with an author that puts a new partner at the heart of the Sherlock Holmes universe… his equally-savvy, crime-solving wife!

Also on the program, Yaël Ksanders series touring the artistic icons of Indiana University Bloomington stops in the heart of the Fine Arts Plaza for a closer look at the Showalter Fountain

And we’ll visit another Bloomington location where the keeping the past alive and blooming is part of the mission.

That’s all just ahead on Artworks.

Stories On This Episode

Laurie R. King: A 20th Century Feminist Marries Sherlock Holmes

Laurie R. King

Adam Schwartz interviews Laurie R. King, author of a popular series of thrillers featuring the crime-busting team of Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell.

The Birth Of Venus: A Long Labor Of Love

Showalter Fountain

Since 1961, Robert Laurent’s Birth of Venus fountain has been the centerpiece of Showalter Plaza, the artistic core of Indiana University’s Bloomington campus.

2010 BloomingPlays Festival

“Playwriting is my passion. I actually feel as if my play is my baby. At the same time, dealing with a character who’s kind of a terrible person is a struggle."

The Wylie House Garden: Curating A Living History

Upon first glance, the Wylie House looks like any other antebellum house museum. But it's the museum's heirloom garden that draws seekers of living history.

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