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Claude Thornhill, Present Laughter, Provenance

Tonight on Artworks, Art Fraud, Hoosier bandleader Claude Thornhill, and actors from "Present Laughter."

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Why go through all of the hassle of researching a priceless piece of art’s background, when you can just get someone to make a cheap copy and say it’s the real deal?  That was the idea a con man had in the 1980s, and a new book tells the amazing story of how they got away with it for 9 whole years. We’ll hear from the co-author of Provenance: How a Con Man and a Forger Rewrote the History of Modern Art a little later in the show.

We’ll also get to know a little better one Hoosier bandleader whose influence on the postwar jazz scene is still felt today.

And the stars of the Present Laughter stop by for a chat during the run at the Brown County Playhouse.

Stories On This Episode

Provenance: The Biggest Art Fraud Of The 20th Century

A new book tells the incredible true story of the biggest art fraud of the twentieth century. WFIU's Adam Schwartz interviews the co-author of "Provenance."

“Present Laughter” At The Brown County Playhouse

She’s also a women with a sense of fun about it and this gives me a lot of space to work in.

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