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A Place For Film - Director Nicholas Ray

James Dean and Natalie Wood in Rebel Without A Cause

Episode 59 - Discussing Nicholas Ray With Grad Student Will Scheibel

On this week's episode we're inviting grad student Will Scheibel to talk about director Nicholas Ray, who is the subject of his thesis. He's also teaching a class on film noir in the summer.

We start off with What Have You Seen Lately, and Jason has seen a ton, including Tree Of Life and Horrible Bosses. Andy's talking about the Charles Burnett series and a recent comedy. Will is talking about some of his favorite films at the IU Cinema and a straight to DVD animated comic book film.

Will then explains his interest in Nicholas Ray, and gives us a good overview of his style and career, and shares some stories he's discovered. We wrap up with Will discussing his film noir class, coming in Summer of 2012.

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Movies Mentioned In This Episode:

Batman: Year One

Behind the Mask

Bigger Than Life


Corpse Eaters

Down By Law

Deep Red

Dr. Strangelove

Happy Feet 2

Horrible Bosses

In A Lonely Place

I Was Born But...

Johnny Guitar

Kansas City

Karate Warriors

Killer of Sheep

Maltese Falcon

Ms 45

My Brother's Wedding

Mulholland Dr

New Nightmare

Over Water

On Dangerous Ground

Out Of Cordoba

Paris, Texas


Rebel Without A Cause


Stranger Than Paradise

The American Friend

The Birds

The Lusty Men

The Other Woman

The Stewardesses

The Trouble With Harry

They Live By Night

To Sleep With Anger

Tree Of Life

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1


We Can't Go Home Again

Your Highness

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