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Archive for Profiles

November 5, 2000

Vocalist Renée Fleming

American soprano Renée Fleming, acclaimed vocal performer, joins Profiles for a conversation about her life and work.

September 3, 2000

French Horn Player Gunther Schuller

Gunther Schuller, world-renowned musician, sits down with Bob Willard for a lively conversation about music and his varied interests.

August 6, 2000

Artist, Printmaker, and Educator Rudy Pozzatti

Rudy Pozzatti, world-renowned artist and teacher, joins Profiles for an interview about his life and work.

May 14, 2000

Former IU Men's Soccer Coach Jerry Yeagley

Former IU men's soccer coach Jerry Yeagley, who coached the Hoosiers to six NCAA titles during his 31 year career, sits down with Bob Willard.

May 7, 2000

Violinists Nelli Shkolnikova and Leor Maltinsky

Leor Maltinsky, now a violinist in the San Francisco Symphony, and Nelli Shkolnikova, his professor at the IU School of Music, sit down with Bob Willard.

March 26, 2000

Former NEA Chair Bill Ivey

Former NEA Chair Bill Ivey sits down with WFIU's George Walker for a conversation about the arts in The United States.

January 23, 2000

Former NEH Chair William R. Ferris

Dr. William Ferris, the former Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities and a professor at UNC Chapel Hill, joins us on Profiles.

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