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Archive for The Poets Weave

August 28, 2016


The Wife's Lament

Ben Debus reads "The Wife's Lament" and "The Domina in Her Garden."

August 21, 2016


Icarus Bounced

Jill Koran reads "Icarus Bounced," "Apostles Creed," and the Reflections: X, Q, and N.

August 14, 2016


A Chorus Of Static

Paul Asta reads "Where You Left Her," "Timeline In Which I Do Not Exist," "A Chorus of Static," and more.

August 7, 2016


The Ice Cutters

Daniel Minty reads "The Ice Cutters," "We All Have a Very Fast Sled," and "Summer Pastoral Before I Call Home."

July 31, 2016


Superstition In Girl Years

Jessica Franck reads "Superstition in Girl Years," "Reverse Miracle Baby," and "Lake Marion."

July 24, 2016



Danni Quintos reads "IU Auditorium, Fools Day, for Nick Offerman, the biggest fool of them all," "Somewhere in Tennessee," "Dad," and "Python."

July 17, 2016


The Clarke School At Enfield, 1805

Ben Debus reads "The Clarke School at Enfield, 1805."

July 10, 2016


Self-Study And Anthropomorphism, Kitchen Pot

Michelle Gottschlich reads "Self-Study and Anthropomorphism, Kitchen Pot" and "Letter to Steven Ambrosini."

July 3, 2016


Elegy With My Father Walking Towards Me

Brianna Low reads "Elegy with My Father Walking Towards Me...," "Trying to Contact the Version of Myself...," and "Laura Describes the Long Winter."

June 26, 2016


Lullaby For The Wandering Child

Paul Asta reads "Lullaby for the Wandering Child" and "The Great American Road Trip."

June 19, 2016


Sometimes I Wish My Dad Was A Lobster

Harlan reads "It Is Possible to Be Many Different Things" and "Sometimes I Wish My Dad Was a Lobster."

June 12, 2016



Jill Koran reads "Death on Turnagain Arm" and "Nose."

June 5, 2016


The Graveyard And Back

Daniel Minty reads "The Graveyard and Back" and "Wyoming Pastoral with a Litany of Sometimes."

May 29, 2016


As The Stars

Ben Debus reads "Elegy from a Second Story Window" and "As the Stars."

May 22, 2016


White Beauty

Danni Quintos reads "White Beauty," "Brown Girls," and "Cousins."

May 15, 2016


The Running Back Is Born Again

Brianna Low reads "The Running Back is Born Again," "Watching Little House on the Prairie," and "Laura Describes the Glass."

May 8, 2016


Mother, Hunting

Jessica Franck reads "Mother, Hunting," "Home Visit," and "It's a Girl."

May 5, 2016


Meditations At 20 MPH

On this podcast-only edition of The Poets Weave, Harlan Kelly reads "Really Quick Can I Tell You the Story of Everything Ever?" and "Meditations at 20 MPH."

May 1, 2016


Ode To Alternatives

Keith Leonard reads "Odes to Alternatives," "Utter," and "Ode to the Grotesque."

April 24, 2016



Paul Asta reads "Luminescence" and "The Unraveling of Dreams."

April 17, 2016


The Poet At The Bear Waltz

Daniel Minty reads "The Poet and the Bear Waltz," "Wildness," and "Hyannis, Fifth of July."

April 10, 2016


The House Is A Wheel

Michelle reads "The House is a Wheel" and "Hammer."

April 3, 2016



Harlan reads "If I Get Hit by a Car on the Way to Work Today...," "Thestrals," and "Even If We Were Able to Sit Down at the Same Table..."

March 27, 2016


All Filipino Women Are Beautiful

Danni Quintos reads "1991 and We Flew for Days," "All Filipino Women are Beautiful," and "On Being Asked to Represent Your Country."

March 20, 2016


Evoking Eve

Jessica Franck reads "Annunciation," "Eve as Girl with Snake Duty in 7th Grad Science," "Evoking Eve," and "Eve as Birthday Girl."

March 13, 2016


Tooth Fairy

Jill Koran reads "In the Moment Before the Teacup Hits the Floor, I Think of Lao Tzu" and "Tooth Fairy."

March 6, 2016


Laura Ingalls Describes The Fire

Brianna Low reads "Laura Ingalls Describes the Fire," "Laura Tries to Describe the World to Mary," and "We Are Hungry."

February 28, 2016


Monarch On Milkweed

Keith Leonard reads "Osiris Ode," "Monarch on Milkweed," and "Strawberries for Dinner."

February 21, 2016



Michelle Gottschlich reads "Harvest Fair" and "Origins."

February 14, 2016


The Doubling

Love poems by Keith Leonard.

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