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Variety in Diet

A boring diet might be a way to loose weight? "Variety in Diet" on this Moment of Science.

A boring diet might be a way to lose weight?

Recent studies suggest that when we eat a variety of foods, we are less likely to get bored. But therefore we are more likely to eat more. That might contribute to the current obesity problem in America–people like the taste of different foods and keep eating even after they have had enough. Eating meals with foods that are similar in taste, color, and shape could help you eat less.

However, research also shows that eating a variety of foods is the best way to get all the nutrients we need. And food is supposed to be enjoyed, not just tolerated. So go ahead and enjoy your buffet…just be careful to take small portions. Fill your plate only as much as you would normally. Then eat slowly and savor each interesting taste!

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