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27 Best Twitter Accounts For Science Lovers

Do you love Twitter? Well, @momentofscience compiled a list of top Twitter accounts all science lovers should follow. Who do you follow on Twitter?

Are you on Twitter? Do you ever wonder who to follow? A Moment of Science is here to help. We have compiled a list of Twitter accounts that you should follow.

Top Science Twitter Accounts:

Science Educators

@neiltyson: Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural History. He has also written The Pluto Files and Death By Black Hole.

@TheScienceGuy:  Bill Nye has his very own Twitter page. Look for great links and discussions!


@guardiantech: News and information from The Guardian’s technology lovers.

@wired: You better believe Wired Magazine is on Twitter!  Check for cool links and information from their team.

Health & Human Body

@healthfinder: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Twitter account. Look for great discussions and re-tweets.

@kinseyinstitute: Gender and sexuality news from Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute.


@NatureChemistry: Are you a fan of chemistry? This Twitter account has great links to articles and research.

@ChemistryWorld: Detailed and informative chemistry news.


@AboutPhysics: Andrew Jones updates with cool physics news and discoveries.

@PhysicsNews: The Institute of Physics tweets about news and updates.

Science Writers

@chronsciguy: Eric Berger’s Twitter account that covers daily science news. He is a science reporter and blogger for the Houston Chronicle.

@joergheber: Joerg Heber is the senior editor of the magazine Nature Materials. This account has a lot of debates on current science issues.

@maggiekb1: Maggie Koerth-Baker is a science journalist and contributing editor to Her tweets are smart and very funny.

Earth And Oceanic Science

@oceanhealth: This account helps supporters of oceans and the environment connect with one another for interesting and educational converations.

@geologynews: For daily geology news check out this account which links to their own science blog.

Public Media Science

@nprscience: NPR provides excellent links to science news, discussions, and research.


@physorg_biology: Daily biology news stories and updates.

@LabSpaces: News and science related rants from the science news website Lab Spaces.

Food Science & Nutrition

@eartheats: Podcasts, public radio program and blog. Tweets about food safety, science and policy, sustainable agriculture, environment, health, recipes, and green living.

@thefoodgeek: Brian J. Geiger’s Twitter account. He is a freelance food writer and specializes in the science of food.


@NASA: NASA’s Twitter account has everything an amateur astronomer could want. Plus, launch countdowns and shuttle updates.

@BadAstronomer: If you want to have a lively astronomy-related discussion check out Phil Plait’s Twitter account!

@Voyager2: Updates from the Voyager2. Learn about the nuts and bolts interplanetary space probe.

Nature & Environment

@nature_org: The Nature Conservancy does a great job re-tweeting, updating, and linking to excellent environmental news.

@Earth_News: Nature, environment, and wildlife news from around the world.

Science News

@LiveScience: Coverage of science news and research.

@ScienceDaily: Breaking science news and the latest discoveries in science, health, the environment and technology.

For even more Twitter accounts to follow check out the A Moment of Science Twitter list and if you would like to follow A moment of Science on Twitter click here

Margaret Aprison

Margaret is a graduate of Indiana University with a degree in Telecommunications and a minor in Psychology. The daughter of two scientists, Margaret has been surrounded by the subject her entire life. She enjoys social media, writing, television, and, of course, science!

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