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The Return of Psychedelic Drugs

Since the 60's, LSD has been seen as a recreational drug, not worth serious research...until now!

LSD on tinfoil

Photo: wstryder (flickr)

LSD was a very popular drug in the 1960's, but may be making a comeback!

In the 1960s scientists used to be very interested in studying psychedelic drugs like LSD, but are scientists still studying these drugs today?

Since the 60′s, LSD has been seen as a recreational drug, not worth serious research. However, in the last few years some scientists have been giving LSD and other psychedelic drugs another look.

One thing that’s really interesting about psychedelics is that, more than any other drug, they alter how we see, hear, smell, and think about our surroundings. The more scientists learn about how LSD works in the brain, the more they could know about how the brain works to create consciousness.

There have also been studies done on how psychedelic drugs could be useful in medicine. Some research has shown that LSD can help cancer patients cope with pain and anxiety. There’s also evidence that LSD could work as a sort of supplement to talk therapy by helping people see their problems from other perspectives.

Research on the drug is still in the early stages, so it’s far from clear whether psychedelic drugs will prove useful in medicine and provide insights into the human mind.

  • Sean Beem

    It's high time so take a closer look at Psychedelic drugs. Like most legal herbal highs, they can effect body functions to either create a momentary euphoria or relax the body.

    Psychedelic drugs have the ability to stimulate the brain to alter images and sounds. This can be very useful in health treatments since doctors need to address the resistance of the patients. It would also be great if other legal herbal high and effects could be studied. It would be great to discover their true functions other than people using them for their “fun time”.

  • KeriMaude

    We have had our words and definitions a bit mixed up when it comes to substances that affect our consciousness… For instance we have in this country a “War on Drugs”. We also, simultaneously, have be-speckled our every street with.

  • Stoimen

    I cannot agree more. I thing that legal herbal highs can have positive effect on humans

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